Wonderful Day to Royal Garden

Wonderful Day to Royal Garden

Chianging Voice by Sai Hsai Lern

When you follow your heart...

When you do what your heart wants...

When you like what you are doing...

That is the happiness and joyful life

Help someone to be in good care and happy...

It is a perfect way that we can enjoy...

A face that smile to us...

It can make us smile...

Happiness is not depend on wealth...

Student Health Fund Project

Watfawiainginn provides housing and education for children from impoverished families, who are unable to feed them or send them to school, and orphans who have no family to take care for them. Many attending the school are also children whose parents work as day laborers and don’t have time to take care of them. All are originally from Shan State, from areas without a formal educational system, areas which have witnessed long-standing conflict. If caught by Burmese soldiers, they risk abuse, including torture and forced labor, including as army porters or human minesweepers. Other children have been taken away from their families by other armed groups, often forced to become child soldiers.
The school provides a sanctuary where children can pursue a basic education and a better future.

Life at the School: Although the school is a haven from the turmoil in their original homelands, life is not easy. The children live at the school, sleeping together in one narrow bedroom. Breakfast usually consists of curry, usually shared between students, who receive two meals a day. They have to perform their own chores, washing their own laundry, doing their dishes, cooking, cleaning. The children, almost all of whom are very young, are forced to grow up quickly, without the adequate clothing or blankets against the cold, school supplies, toys, food, the care of their parents. And, like other undocumented migrants in Thailand, they are not covered by the state’s universal health program. When the children are sick, they are cared for informally at the monastery, using medicines purchased from local general stores (there are no dedicated pharmacies or pharmacists in the area). More severely ill children are sent to the local clinic or hospital, which often requires payment for services. Specialized cares, such as surgeries, have to be done in Chiang Mai city, and the costs are often prohibitive.
We would like to set up a fund dedicated solely for medical care for the students, especially to help cover expenses of those more severely ill, who need care in a hospital.

- To provide students get better medical
care, in a more timely fashion.
- To help with supplemental nutrition, such as
milk, when they sick, to help speed recovery.
- To purchase associated medical supplies (such as dressings, for children needing surgery)
- To defray travel expenses of students needing
referral to hospitals.

Project management team:
We are teachers who are also people who have lived a life of hunger for education, just like the children and orphans on the Thai-Burma border. We were motivated to become teachers because we wanted to do a better job of fulfilling what children need; we really want to provide good health care and develop these children to improve their futures.

Sai Noom Hkurh
Tel: 085 716 5070   E-mail: noom164@gmail.com

Sai Or
Tel: 085 705 2202   E-mail: krupom2001@yahoo.com

Nang Mwe Oo
E-mail: mnamtaram@gmail.com

Please contact any of these teachers to support
fund for health care for the students.

Cost for one child to go to local hospital
Description Cost/baht
Treatment cost                 200
Nutrition and Food         100
Herbal Medicine               30
Transportation cost       100
Total (baht)                     430

Say love to moms on Mother's Day

Teachers at Watfawianginn School held the Mother's Day on 12 August 2008 for children who are far away from their parents. The reasons are for these children to recognize and thank to the grateful of their parents and know that their parents expect them to be good persons.

Welcome to support "Library Project" for children on the border

Library for the impoverished children and orphans

Father's Day for orphans (Children who far away from parents)

๕ ธันวา มนาราช ณ โรงเรียนเด็กด้อยโอกาสทางการศึกษา วัดฟ้าเวียงอินทร์
Father's Day for the chance less children
who far away from their parents.
The reason that we held Father's Day for children who are far away from their parents is for them to understand the grateful of their parents and always keep their parents in mind and work hard in their studying for their parents to be glad when they are good and love studying. We want them to know that their parents want them to have a good life, to have a good life they need to study, need to have knowledge and can look after themselves, then they possible to help their parents.

Student told love to his father who far away from him.
บอกรักให้พ่อ แม้ว่าจะไม่ได้อยู่ไกล้พ่อ

Special thanks to everyone who supported us and who tried to give love to these pretty children.
ขอขอบคุณ พี่ๆ ที่แสนใจดี จากมูลนิธิรักษ์เด็ก มูลนิธิเพื่อนหญิง มูลนิธิสตรีไทยใหญ่ ที่ให้ความสนับสนุน

Children enjoyed the party so mcuh

Kind brother & sister from "The life skills development foundation" offered prizes to students who drew a beuautiful picture on father's day.

Special thanks to Khun Teard, The life skill foundation development
honored to hand a prize of drawing competition

ขอบคุณพี่เทอด มูลนิธิรักษ์เด็ก ที่แสนใจดี ให้เกียรติมอบรางวัลชนะเลิศ ในการวาดภาพในวันพ่อแห่งชาติ

Special thanks to Khun Yo, The life skill foundation development
honored to hand a prize of drawing competition
มูลนิธิรักษ์เด็ก ที่แสนใจดี ให้เกียรยติมอบรางวัลชนะเลิศ ในการวาดภาพในวันพ่อแห่งชาติ

Special thanks to Khun Noom, The life skills development foundation
honored to provide such a good game for children
บอบคูณพี่หนู่ม มูลนิธิรักษ์เด็ก ที่ให้เกียรติพาเด็กๆ เล่นเกมอย่างสนุกสนาน

Special thanks to Jing Moan, Friends of Women Foundation honored to give speech, encourage children to be good children and work hard in lessons. ขอบคุณพี่จิ่งมน มูบนิธิเพื่อนหญิง ที่ให้เกรียติพูดให้กำลังใจเด็ก และ ฝากเด็กให้เป็นเด็กดี ตั้งใจเรียน

Special thanks to Ying Hom, Shan Women Action Network (SWAN)
honored to hand a prize of writing " Dear Father."

ขอบคุณยิงหอม มูลนิธิสตรีไทยใหญ่ ที่แสนใจดี ให้เกรียติมอบรางวัลชนะเลิศ เรียงความให้พ่อ

Special thanks for supporting a good day for children

Special thanks to support a good day for children.

Special thanks for cooking a delicious lunch for children.
ขอบคุณ คุณแม่ที่ทำอาหารแสนอร่อยให้เด็กๆ

Little kids who need your favor

Telling the lives of children by images

Fun with my students

Words deeply in heart

My life with teaching can be fun by my lovely students who work so hard in their lessons. They can make me smile by their pretty face (look deeply so sad to be away from their parents). They can make me laugh by their question which they want try to learn things which is not in lessons, for example about out side the world and other things.

I have never thought to be a teacher. When I was young, I have not dreamt to teach. However, after I have graduated the sixth SSSNY’s Social Justice and Education program in 2006. I became a teacher and teach the children (impoverished children and orphans).

After I have been teaching, I really fond of teaching and I realized that I love this job so much. Do you want to know why? I teach the children, I have learnt lots of new things from their difficult lives and it makes me feel sad, so sorry for them and want to find the way to help them. I can understand how suffer they have faced with no parents care or for someone parents died already. Therefore, I want to take care, look after them as their parents do. They need lots and lots of care. They are too young and unsuitable to be apart with their parents. They are under 13 years old. Some of them are orphans, their parents died since they were about 5, 6 or 9 years old.

The job of a teacher is not a simple or easy job, it hard, but it fun and glad to do. I feel happy because I think that I can help them, can see them smile. I can be tired for them to have good things. I really want them to be good. I don’t mind a few baht of my salary. Three thousand baht per month, if for someone, can’t survive. For me, I work all days, even the holidays. Nobody forces me to do, but it has ordered deeply from my mind. The importance is I can spend my time wisely to help my community or for people.

I understand my childhood well, I was away from parent. I faced a lot of difficulties. I was hunger, missed home, and wanted love from parents. I never got (toys) which I wanted. It was very sad to be away from parents in childhood. Therefore, I love children and want them to have good education, for them to have a good life in the future. The most thing I want to do is don’t want them to feel like when I was young. I will be a good teacher and try to do good things for my lovely students…

Pretty Shan girl


Child can have fun in many places. Park is one of
the places which children love to go so much.
Do you remember your childhood's time? When you were young, did you lazy to go to school? Can you compare your present time happiness with your childhood's happiness time? For me, I didn't have time in the big park.

This is a little Shan girl, so pretty on
Shan National dress with a sword.

I just remembered that I went to the jungle
my father, he gathered bamboo shoot and
I followed him. That was a place where
my father took me to. The other things which I
remember was one day I didn't want to go to
school and my mom told me to go to school with
having stick in her hand behind me. How was

stupid I did that time? But it was only one time
I did like that. When I was 9 years old, I worked
hard in my lessons so much, and wanted to go to
school. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to school in
another village, because with two things, it was
far to go and my parents found a bit hard,
no money to send me to. At last I had a chance
to go to an orphanage in somewhere in Thailand.

Mother's Day for the orphans on the Thai-Burma border

This video is the teacher, Noom Hkurh tried to provide his students to have a wonderful time. In the whole days of his students' lives are apart from parents and lack of parents taking care. Therefore, Noom Hkurh he loves his students so much and taking care them seriously. He loves his students as his own chidren. He is not just teaching in the school time, he plays with them, take care and take to hospital when they sick.

Mother's Day in Thailand is on 12th Oct every year. Noom Hkurh held this ceremony for his students, with the reasons are want students to regard parents deeply in mind and always remember them, just think that I will be good in lessons for parents, I will be a good child for my mom. He wanted his students to have the idea of "I love my parents, therefore I should not make myself to be bad and let my parents sad. Even though, I am away from my parents, but I love them and they love me, I will try to be a good child for my parents."

Children today are the leaders tomrrow!

Fun with my students