Wonderful Day to Royal Garden

Wonderful Day to Royal Garden

Chianging Voice by Sai Hsai Lern

Pretty Shan girl


Child can have fun in many places. Park is one of
the places which children love to go so much.
Do you remember your childhood's time? When you were young, did you lazy to go to school? Can you compare your present time happiness with your childhood's happiness time? For me, I didn't have time in the big park.

This is a little Shan girl, so pretty on
Shan National dress with a sword.

I just remembered that I went to the jungle
my father, he gathered bamboo shoot and
I followed him. That was a place where
my father took me to. The other things which I
remember was one day I didn't want to go to
school and my mom told me to go to school with
having stick in her hand behind me. How was

stupid I did that time? But it was only one time
I did like that. When I was 9 years old, I worked
hard in my lessons so much, and wanted to go to
school. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to school in
another village, because with two things, it was
far to go and my parents found a bit hard,
no money to send me to. At last I had a chance
to go to an orphanage in somewhere in Thailand.

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