Wonderful Day to Royal Garden

Wonderful Day to Royal Garden

Chianging Voice by Sai Hsai Lern

Student Health Fund Project

Watfawiainginn provides housing and education for children from impoverished families, who are unable to feed them or send them to school, and orphans who have no family to take care for them. Many attending the school are also children whose parents work as day laborers and don’t have time to take care of them. All are originally from Shan State, from areas without a formal educational system, areas which have witnessed long-standing conflict. If caught by Burmese soldiers, they risk abuse, including torture and forced labor, including as army porters or human minesweepers. Other children have been taken away from their families by other armed groups, often forced to become child soldiers.
The school provides a sanctuary where children can pursue a basic education and a better future.

Life at the School: Although the school is a haven from the turmoil in their original homelands, life is not easy. The children live at the school, sleeping together in one narrow bedroom. Breakfast usually consists of curry, usually shared between students, who receive two meals a day. They have to perform their own chores, washing their own laundry, doing their dishes, cooking, cleaning. The children, almost all of whom are very young, are forced to grow up quickly, without the adequate clothing or blankets against the cold, school supplies, toys, food, the care of their parents. And, like other undocumented migrants in Thailand, they are not covered by the state’s universal health program. When the children are sick, they are cared for informally at the monastery, using medicines purchased from local general stores (there are no dedicated pharmacies or pharmacists in the area). More severely ill children are sent to the local clinic or hospital, which often requires payment for services. Specialized cares, such as surgeries, have to be done in Chiang Mai city, and the costs are often prohibitive.
We would like to set up a fund dedicated solely for medical care for the students, especially to help cover expenses of those more severely ill, who need care in a hospital.

- To provide students get better medical
care, in a more timely fashion.
- To help with supplemental nutrition, such as
milk, when they sick, to help speed recovery.
- To purchase associated medical supplies (such as dressings, for children needing surgery)
- To defray travel expenses of students needing
referral to hospitals.

Project management team:
We are teachers who are also people who have lived a life of hunger for education, just like the children and orphans on the Thai-Burma border. We were motivated to become teachers because we wanted to do a better job of fulfilling what children need; we really want to provide good health care and develop these children to improve their futures.

Sai Noom Hkurh
Tel: 085 716 5070   E-mail: noom164@gmail.com

Sai Or
Tel: 085 705 2202   E-mail: krupom2001@yahoo.com

Nang Mwe Oo
E-mail: mnamtaram@gmail.com

Please contact any of these teachers to support
fund for health care for the students.

Cost for one child to go to local hospital
Description Cost/baht
Treatment cost                 200
Nutrition and Food         100
Herbal Medicine               30
Transportation cost       100
Total (baht)                     430

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